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At Steindesign: Buy healing stones securely in wholesale

Do healing stones exude a very special attraction? For many people this is certainly the case, be it because they promise themselves an allegedly healing effect or because the stones simply remind them of certain positive circumstances and experiences. The demand for healing stones continues unabated, with those from Far Eastern countries in particular enjoying great popularity - if only because they are guaranteed eye-catchers with their enchanting appearance. You can order the pretty minerals online here at Steindesign Heilsteine wholesale.

Wholesale healing stones - more popular than ever

You know it from sales. The demand for so-called healing stones is unbroken. As with a talisman, many people consider small shiny gemstones to be the pivotal point in their desire for protection and recovery. It is a mixture of suggestion and belief in spiritual forces that can ultimately have a psychological or physical effect. A small stone can help many people to concentrate, to strengthen their courage and to strengthen their self-healing powers. Like a flower, a pretty stone can arouse awe of creation in us. And already it is not far to the conclusion that it could be a sign from the realm of the gods. That is why people at all times and in all cultures like to wear stones as amulets, talismans or lucky charms. The term "healing stone" is the modern expression for this idea.

Is Steindesign a healing stone wholesaler?

Most of the time it is tumbled stones that are so “worshiped”. They are called tumbled stones because raw stones are put into a drum, similar to a washing machine drum, in order to "drum" them rounder and smoother in a long process. The process is copied from nature, where angular rubble is rolled in a mountain stream and becomes more and more rounded until it is shaped into a round pebble in the valley. When customers look for healing stones, they usually mean tumbled stones. In this respect, Steindesign is also a healing stone wholesaler. Because with us you will find a huge selection of rough stones and tumbled stones. If a customer is looking for a healing stone, he wants to be certain that the stone is real and unadulterated. And this is exactly what is needed in a market that is also familiar with counterfeiting, dyeing and other optimizations, skilled workers who have the necessary know-how to separate the wheat from the chaff. The trade in healing stones in particular is based on trust. You can rely on our information as a healing stone wholesaler. We guarantee the authenticity, correct naming and origin of the gemstones offered.

Order healing stones wholesale: with a magnificent variety of colors

Healing or health stones are actually fossil or inorganic substances, in most cases simply minerals. Their enchanting look, sometimes even unique shape, is the real highlight of these beautiful stones. They shine in many different colors, sometimes have spectacular patterns and often have very smooth, fine surfaces. So you don't have to believe in the beneficial effects of such minerals in order to simply perceive the healing and precious stones as very aesthetic.

The various jewelry and healing stones in the wholesale trade have such names as:

rock crystal
tiger eye

The mentioned representatives of the gemstones are only intended to give you a small glimpse into the comprehensive range of stone design as healing stones wholesale. However, based on the examples mentioned, it is already clear how different these stones are in terms of their appearance. While some glow in a strong green, others have multi-colored patterns that represent nothing less than a real spectacle of nature.

For small and large dealers: obtain and resell healing stones wholesalers

In the meantime, the Heilsteine Wholesale team can look back on more than two decades of experience. During this time we have stayed true to our own philosophy. As a healing stone wholesaler, we do not collect any minimum order or minimum purchase quantities! With this we would like to offer “small” retailers or newly named start-ups the opportunity to buy wholesale from Heilsteine at favorable and fair conditions. We also have a separate category for accessories. Would you like to be involved in jewelry making or do you have your own customers who are interested in DIY work, the products included are also worth a look.

An enchanting look and constant demand: Steindesign as a healing stone wholesaler opens up new sales opportunities for retailers!
Healing stones are extremely popular with esotericists, but they are also very popular outside of these esoteric circles or color therapy. In most cases, the healing stones simply owe this to their spectacular appearance, which once again cleverly underpins the wonders nature is capable of on its own. In the healing stones wholesale you can be inspired, discover different healing stones and processed jewelry - at fair prices, without minimum purchase quantities and with fast shipping via our shipping partner DHL.

As healing stone wholesale, we also offer a range of different payment methods, including, for example, credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard, PayPal or EC direct debit. If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone or email. Discover our assortment and order now online in the healing stones wholesale!


Which healing stones in wholesale are particularly well known?

We obtain our healing stones mainly from the Far East, for example from India or Thailand. In this country, it is above all the colorful, very aesthetic healing stones that are in constant demand thanks to their appearance. Notable representatives of these are, for example, amethysts, tiger's eyes, quartz, turquoise and rubies.

What discounts are there in wholesale healing stones?

Experience has shown that our customers find the online discount a major highlight. This is available to you once every six months, a maximum of twice a year. You can add the discount to any order, which then deducts 10 percent from the order value. The deadline for this is June 30th on the one hand and December 31st on the other.

How is consistently high quality ensured in wholesale healing stones?

All stones offered are thoroughly checked, and at the same time we can refer to a very positive relationship with our suppliers and producers - we met many of them personally to convince ourselves of the quality of their production facilities. Gemstones are also checked by third parties (EPI).

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