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          July 2022


Newsletter July 2022

News: Jewellery making & gemstones
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Karte Sainte Marie aux Mines

Achieve your goals

Many improvements
now active in the shop

Construction work has been completed for the time being

Thank you for your patience!


The industry meets at

jewellery fair

27.-29. August 22

Messecenter Rhein-Main
Robert-Bosch-Straße 5–7

65719 Hofheim-Wallau

This is exactly here.
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Attention: Earlier date !

Munich Show
Gem World

30. Sept.- 2. October 22

Messe München

Website of the organizer.


DIY - Do it yourself
Perfect Gemstone necklaces on steel wire

Today, gemstone necklaces are often strung on a nylon coated steel wire. In addition to the strength, this method has the advantage that the gemstone beads follow each other directly, i.e. without a distance by a knot.
Here we restrict ourselves the aspect of crimp and covering beads.
The whole instruction you may find here, after Login.

Crimp beads

are practical but not very nice. With the help of a crimp plier you notch the bead into a V-shape. Subsequently with a flat plier you fold the two flanks of the "V" together.


Now the crimp bead has become small  The metal is pushing into the nylon coating of the wire and holds it tightly. Now you hide the little squeezed thing under a covering bead.


This is a far bigger silver bead with a big hole that fits over the squeezed bead and the steel wire loop.
At the top you can see the result. A professional closure for a gemstone necklace.

Jewellery from your favourite place Today: Germany



Also geologically, Germany is a wonderful country. Three main areas can be distinguished:
  • North German lowlands – with pebbles from Scandinavia, which were transported there by glaciers.
  • Low-mountain belt – with an abundance of rocks dating back far beyond the dinosaur age to the earths early stages.
  • Alpine foothills and Alps – with young rocks pressed from a coral sea to a high mountain range.
Take a journey through our country. Give yourself or your loved ones an authentic souvenir from your favourite region.

Here is an example, a flintstone from Bavaria.

Jewellery from Germany

          June 2022


Newsletter Juni 2022

News: Jewellery making & gemstones
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Karte Sainte Marie aux Mines

The major event in our industry
is about to start

Visit us at Mineral & Gem
in Sainte Marie


You will find our stand as usual in


Shopping in a wonderful natural setting
with an incredible supply of products
and a unique atmosphere.

                 Website of the organizer

Rings with glueing disc for glas-, ceramic- or wooden elements

No matter which materials you prefer to work with. With our new rings with a plate to glue, you can now offer your customers finger rings. The ring size is adjustable. Starting from approx. size 54 by 2-3 sizes smaller or larger.

Ring band half round

Ring band flat

Ring band round double

DIY - Do it yourself :  Elements to glue on top

It’s very simple. Note this:

• Your jewelry element must be completely
  flat. Rough it up – as well as the adhesive
  surface on the ring.
• Wipe both surfaces with washing gasoline
  or acetone off. Dust and grease must be
• Use a 2-component glue. No instant glue!

New arrivals in the most innovative online shop


Jewellery from your favourite place Today: Norway



Whether Hurtigruten by ship or holiday with the mobile home. Norway is fascinating. Geologically it is an Eldorado with the oldest rocks in Europe and a fascinating variety of colours.

Here’s an eclogite. A precious stone that is formed in the
Earth’s crust at a depth of 20-35 km and
Temperatures around 500 degrees. That
exists only in the core of once great mountains.

  Jewellery from Norway

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          May 2022


Newsletter May 2022
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Trade News: Jewelry Making & Gemstones
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Sainte Marie Gem Show

The trade event of the year is imminent. Retail is preparing for the upswing.

Shopping in a unique atmosphere with an incredible international offer.

Website of the organizer

Sainte Marie aux Mines is beautifully situated.Right here!

Make use of our bring along service!

Write us if you want us to bring something for you. This is especially advantageous for popular items. Then you can browse relaxed and get what you need.

Or order online and tell us to bring it with us for you.

Clever search terms

Today: "Headpins"
Headpins are silver wire pins with ball, eyelet or plate. They are indispensable helpers for many areas of application.
They are particularly useful for earrings. With a little skill you can easily make your own eyepins out of silver wire.




DIY - Do it yourself with headpins

Right: Self-turned spiral that prevents the rock from falling off. Bottom: A particularly stable eyelet is created by letting the bent end of the wire protrude and wrapping it around the pin.
2 last pictures: With a little skill a double eyelet is created, which provides more stability.

As a tool you need a side cutter for shortening the wire and indespenibly a round or pointed pliers
for beautifully shaped results.

We found tow nice videos:



Characteristic is the shimmer reminiscent of the moonlight.
By the kind of shimmer, you can tell if a stone is a moonstone or not. If the shimmer is
• monochrome, in the colour of the stone or bluish, and
• moves across the stone linearly fading towards the outside
you might have a moonstone in front of you.
If the shimmer is stronger blue, ending more sharply, disappears suddenly when moving the stone, it might be a white labradorite. This White Labradorite is commonly called “Rainbow Moonstone”, which is not entirely correct. But after all, Moonstones and Labradorites are close relatives of the feldspar family.
Bernhard Bruder wrote an excellent explanation in this respect “Feldspar – Like Sun and Moon”, which we are happy to share.


New arrivals


Rough stones


Jewellery from your favourite place

Today: Germany


Here you will find authentic jewellery from
your favourite region, from your home or
holiday area.

Germany offers a fascinating geological diversity.
From the ancient low mountains to the young rocks of the Alps and the Scadinavian pebbles
in the North German lowlands.
Here to see a piece of marine sediment
from the Franconian Alb.
  Real from Germany

Don't forget the twins!

Zodiac Jewellery

  22. Mai - 21. Juni
  Their lucky stone is the tigereye.


Did you take your Happy Hour for the first half year?

10 % discount once every half year.
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Happy Hour Code 1st half year: 1HJ2022
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          April 2022



Newsletter April 2022
Trade news - Jewellery making & Gemstones

Clever search terms 

Today: "Folding bead"

Folding beads are an ingenious helper in making gemstone necklaces. There are folding beads with and without eyelets. The first one you need when making a closure. At the end of a necklace there are often knots or crimp beads that you would like to conceal.


You can easily do this by folding a bead around it. Sometimes knots or crimp beads are also located within a string. If you want to hide them, the folding bead without eyelet is the appropriate choice.

Folding bead with eyelet

Also available gold plated

Folding bead without eyelet

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DIY - Folding beads in operation

On the first picture you see a crimp bead that has just been notched and is now being squeezed. A folding bead without an eyelet could be used here, because a closed ring has already been incorporated into the steel wire.
Below you see three strings of steel wire connected with a squeeze bead. ...

Now a folding bead with an eyelet is folded over it. Please mind: Do not fold the folding bead with solely one time pressing, but proceed step by step, repositioning the pliers several times to influence the direction.

To avoid any pressure marks on the folding ball, you can glue some leather on the jaws.



Birthstone April:

According to ancient tradition, the rock crystal and the diamond have a particularly positive and protective effect on those born in April. This led to the idea that these stones would bring good luck to anybody in April.

Two crystal clear stones symbolic for April, that can only be related to the end of winter.

Rock Crystal

This fits in with the idea of the ancient Greeks that the rock crystal is ice so deep frozen that it will never melt again. The clarity of the rock crystal accentuates, reflects and enhances the colours of spring.


In this sense, however, the diamond sets unbeatable standards. It is the mineral with the highest refraction of light.
What would be the difference if you grind a rock crystal like a typical diamond – in a brilliant cut – and hold it next to a diamond?

The rock crystal would partly reflect the colors of the surroundings and mainly sparkle white. Very nice!

But the diamond would show its typical fire, so it would sparkle in all rainbow colors. This is because it breaks incoming light like no other gemstone and reflects it in the spectral colors.

Freshly arrived

Look out! Some items have been unavailable for a long time. Now a lot is back and a lot is new.
Just for your information: our supply chains work. Only freight costs have almost doubled.

Strands, bracelets

Especially gemstone strands and bracelets with round beads from 2 to 10 mm. Note the new bracelets with a diameter of 3 mm – a very popular width.

Silver chains

Despite rising silver costs still at old prices.

What is actually the difference between

Shungite & Elite Shungite ?
Shungite is a rock that consists of 50 to 80% carbon. The rest are converted, former plant remains. Elite shungite is almost pure carbon with up to 99%. This is topped only by the diamond with 100% pure carbon.

Shungites are said to have strong positive health effects in traditional medicine.
For this, you should accept that a slight black abrasion may occur when wearing. So better with jewellery not in combination with white.
We keep a close eye on the price of silver. The increase is still limited, silver has increased by 16% in the last three months. So far, we’re catching it. (Source, 15.4.22: finanzen. net)

Jewelry from your favourite place

Today: Austria


Here you will find authentic jewellery from your region, for tourists and home-conscious. Austria is an Eldorado for jewellery collectors. Tyrol, Carinthia, Styria and the other regions have
    a fascinating variety of local stones.
    Here you see a nice hematite from Lower
    Austria. An eye-catcher with meaning.
     I am from Austria *
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Think of the tauruses!
. 20. April - 20. May
  Your lucky stone is the rose quartz
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