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Silver jewelry wholesale: from Europe and the Far East

Silver, as a valuable and popular precious metal, has been an integral part of jewelry production for many centuries. Silver jewelry has not lost its popularity to this day, especially since the fine precious metal can be incorporated into jewelry in very different ways. In our silver jewelry wholesale you will find high-quality, noble products from many different countries - which you can now conveniently order online!

As diverse as it is characteristic: wholesale silver jewelry from different countries

Silver jewelry has one constant: the proportion of precious metal. Apart from that, producers and jewelry manufacturers have a free hand to use the beautiful silver in a variety of ways. The range in our silver jewelry wholesale reflects this; we sell jewelry to our customers, for example, from these countries of origin:

Differences between the countries of origin are noticeable to the trained eye - and at the same time represent the different preferences of your end customers if you sell the jewelry in your own shop, online or otherwise.

Wholesale silver jewelry - note the differences!

Italy is considered to be one of the European pioneers, as silver jewelry is mainly produced in medium-sized companies using highly developed technology - for example with CAD and laser technology. China has particular strengths when your customers ask for a very professional look for silver jewelry, and it is not uncommon for the fine jewelry to be refined by hand. It also has a tradition in Thailand and India. Thailand is considered a luminary for particularly filigree jewelry, in India precious stones and silver are often combined with one another, those responsible rely on a tradition that can be traced back thousands of years. If your customers are interested in silver jewelry adorned with precious stones, the Steindesign wholesaler is your first point of contact.

Our wholesale silver jewelry - our shop is continuously checked!

The Steindesign team values long-term relationships with resellers as well as those with producers in distant countries. For this reason, we subject the silver jewelry in the wholesale trade to strict inspections, but third parties also certify that we have consistently high quality and authentic information on the fineness.

This fact shows itself in many ways:

We have been exporting to Switzerland, the European country with the strictest precious metal controls, for years.
We check the fineness of silverware independently.
Other components of the range, such as gemstones, bear the GKS seal of approval and are certified by the EPI gemstone testing institute.
With a healthy amount of pride, we would also like to point out that our silver jewelry wholesale has never had any complaints about the fineness - nor with regard to possible environmentally polluted components. Both you as a reseller and your valued customers can be sure of the consistently high quality of the silver jewelry from Steindesign!

Wholesale silver jewelry: for small, medium and large resellers

Trust in producers who have experience and technical know-how and who share our and your passion for silver, gemstones and Co.! In contrast to some other silver jewelry wholesalers, we consistently refrain from minimum purchase quantities or minimum order values. We would like to enable smaller resellers or start-ups to purchase high-quality goods from the stone design silver jewelry wholesale. This formula for success has been working for more than 25 years: as returning resellers show, who know how to tell about their highly satisfied customers. All you have to do now is create a merchant account. You can then browse through our silver jewelry wholesale and place your order directly online.


What special offers are there in the silver jewelry wholesale from Steindesign?

Our resellers rate the ongoing online discount campaign particularly positively, with which you receive a discount of 10% twice a year. You can redeem this once every six months, when is up to you. Furthermore, the discount is not linked to a minimum or maximum purchase quantity - so you remain absolutely flexible! The deadlines for this are June 30th and December 31st.

How do we support our customers and resellers as silver jewelry wholesalers?

Both through consistently high quality and attractive pricing. We see it as our responsibility that our resellers can resell the silver jewelry with a customary premium - which is why we rely on fair pricing in return. We also know our suppliers personally: and can thus vouch for their quality and work processes.

What further distinguishes our silver jewelry wholesale?

Many of our products are consumables in jewelry production, so we regularly offer resellers attractive graduated prices if, for example, they purchase three instead of one packaging unit (s). At the same time, Steindesign does not only act as an importer: we make jewelry ourselves in our own workshop. You can therefore be absolutely certain that we understand our craft in all its facets!

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