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Gemstone wholesale: charming stones and exciting jewelry

We at Steindesign are a gemstone wholesaler and love gemstones: hardly surprising, because they have shaped our lives since our student days. Our twin tip of gemmalogin (gemstone lore) and geologist collects the finest stones from different, sometimes distant countries for you. Secure attractive offers and fair prices online so that you can soon offer your own customers exciting, international jewelry and gemstones.

Our philosophy as a precious stone wholesaler: fair conditions for large and small dealers!

In business for more than 25 years, we have remained true to our philosophy. We completely dispense with minimum order values or minimum purchase quantities in order to offer small and medium-sized retailers the opportunity to purchase high-quality gemstones from distant countries for their own customers. Of course, we subject them to extensive tests or arrange for them to be carried out by third parties.

With Steindesign you are on the safe side:

Gemstones and produced jewelry are made in reputable, modern production halls, not in dubious backyards!
We control the quality of the gemstones on our own, thanks to the academic expertise in our team.
We have the entire range of gemstones checked once a year by the EPI gemstone testing institute.
We would also like to point out at this point that, as a precious stone wholesaler, we have been receiving the GKS seal of approval for years. This confirms that our range of gemstones is gemmologically controlled. Both you as a dealer and your future customers can be sure of consistently high quality according to international standards.

Gemstone wholesale: a trip to distant lands!

Internationality is important to us, because regional differences in the processing of precious stones are significant and characteristic. For this reason, in the gemstone wholesale we carry stones and silver from these countries:


Particularly noteworthy are the exciting creations from India, a country where precious stone processing has been based on tradition for thousands of years. The country has the highest number of gemstone cutters in the world, and there are also regionally different interpretations of silver and gemstone combinations. Our precious stone wholesaler cleverly reflects this diversity through its multi-faceted assortment. If precious stones are combined with silver in finished pieces of jewelry, we of course check the fineness of the precious metal.

Filigree creations and enchanting stones: order online at Steindesign gemstone wholesale!

Thailand is another luminary in the processing of precious stones. Thais design very filigree pieces of jewelry that skillfully stage fine, colorful gemstones. If your customers have a preference for the finest handwork and filigree jewelry, we can recommend the creations imported from Thailand!

As in all other countries from which we purchase gemstones and jewelry for the gemstone wholesale, we are also in close contact with our suppliers in Thailand. We have personally visited many of these in the past to convince ourselves of the working conditions and production facilities. We would like to point out that we do not have any "backyard producers" at Edelstein Wholesale, but only reputable manufacturers with the highest quality standards.

Browse, discover and order directly: everything in the gemstone wholesale!

The quality of the gemstones is important to us - that's why we vouch for it personally! Both our experience and our own expertise shape the range of our gemstone wholesale. In addition to imports, you will also find various own creations in our shop, which we make independently in our workshop. We have primarily specialized in earrings, bracelets and necklaces, often using beautiful gemstones from exotic countries, of course. To view our full range, all you have to do is open a dealer account. Discover our exciting world of gemstones, beautiful pieces of jewelry and exciting own creations!

Frequently asked questions

What advantages does stone design as a gemstone wholesaler offer its dealers?

We have graduated prices for many items if three units are purchased instead of just one packaging unit. Furthermore, we run an online discount campaign with which you save 10% on any order once every six months (every half calendar year). You can decide for yourself which of your orders the discount will be applied to. The deadlines for this are June 30th and December 31st.

What other articles can retailers find in gemstone wholesale?

Our range is divided into gemstones, healing stones, minerals and silver or jewelry. We also offer our dealers additional accessories. You can use the same for DIY jewelry production or sell it to a target group interested in DIY. The stone design team works as both an importer and a manufacturer - so we can say with certainty that we understand our craft from A to Z!

How are the products in the gemstone wholesale controlled?

We use a multi-level system for this. On the one hand, we use our experience and expertise to check the products ourselves; on the other hand, we have third parties (EPI) carry out an inspection once a year. Furthermore, our gemstones carry the GKS seal of approval, and the fineness of silver jewelry is continuously checked - without any complaints!

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