Bienvenue à Steindesign, la maison de la vente en gros de bijoux, accessoires de bijouterie et minéraux. C’est si facile de commander avec Steindesign. Nous expédions dans toute l’Europe et sommes très rapides. Nous sommes expérimentés dans les pierres et la fabrication de bijoux. Nous voulons votre succès et sommes sûrs de gagner votre confiance.
Team Steindesign
Welcome to Steindesign, the home of wholesale for jewellery, findings and minerals. It's so easy to order with Steindesign. We ship to the whole fo Europe and are very fast. We are experienced in stones and the making of jewellery. In case of any questions, write us in english - we will manage. We're trustworthy people and want to gain your confidence.
Team Steindesign
Benvenuti a Steindesign, la casa del commercio all’ingrosso di gioielli, reperti e minerali. È così facile ordinare con Steindesign. Spediamo in tutta Europa e siamo molto veloci. Siamo esperti nella produzione di pietre e gioielli. Vogliamo il vostro successo e siamo sicuri di guadagnare la vostra fiducia.
Team Steindesign
All year stone necklaces
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Welcome to Steindesign, the leading wholesaler
for gemstone jewellery, findings and minerals

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What benefits does Steindesign bring to your business?
• We want an independent retailer in the future – both stationary and online.
• We love diversity in retail and competition.
• We are experts with gemstones and jewellery making.
• In 30 years we have built up a huge, high-selling assortment.

This is what you can expect from us:
• Immediate delivery
• new items, practically every day
• Continuous development of shop functions
• a shop that inspires
• unbeatable prices

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Harald Bögl and the Team Steindesign

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Steindesign, one of the leading wholsellers for gemstones, silver jewellery and minerals

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Wholesale jewelry supplies

What’s more fun than the joy of wearing gorgeous pieces of jewelry? Why, wearing one that has been carefully handcrafted of course! With our wholesale jewelry supplies you can create beautiful and unique pieces using gemstones, precious metals, and everything else you might need to craft your own necklaces, bracelets and other assorted pieces. Allow your customers to express their personality by dressing up with your own handcrafted jewelry!

We offer our wholesale jewelry supplies to professional distributors and craftspeople. At, we carry a passion for jewelry making that has lasted over 25 years already. We present our wide assortment of real silver and gemstone supplies at all important trade fairs and offer it for purchase on our website. In all our years in our business we have gained a large amount of know-how. What does the goldsmith need for his trade, the jeweler for hers? We have it all, including the necessary tools, glues, ribbons and ropes.

An international approach to wholesale jewelry supplies

At we are passionate about crafting our own jewelry elements and pieces from silver elements and gemstones. Our international clients benefit from the same product portfolio as local customers. Very often, we know our clients personally – meeting them on one of the many trade fairs we attend and keeping in contact afterwards. This once again is not only the case for customers in Germany where our main store is stationed. We also visit fairs in Milan, Berne, Paris and Vienna which leaves us with contacts in Italy, Switzerland, France and Austria. Over time, these positive connections have in turn helped us grow our supply variety: we offer wholesale jewelry design pieces that have been exclusively designed for our shop by our partners and contacts.

This history, added to our online shop makes us a well-known specialist supplier for wholesale jewelry supplies in Europe. We have been exporting wholesale jewelry supplies to Switzerland for many years, where they are subjected to extremely strict metal quality controls upon entry. Like this, our customers can be reassured that they will always receive products of the best possible make and grade.

High quality jewelry supplies by

Quality is one of our most important criteria for all wholesale jewelry supplies we offer. Real silver, real gemstones, and a focus on regional specialties describe our product range. A valuable gemstone mined in a specific location is the most authentic souvenir possible: a love letter to a location your customers adore, showcasing their connection to this special place. Or perhaps your clients are interested in the more mythical aspect associated with gemstones, wishing to wear them as jewelry to carry their positive auras with them. An amethyst for intuition, a calm mind and clear thinking? A turquoise for protection, warding and spirituality? Or a clear quartz for cleansing, harmony and balancing all chakras? In our store you can find a wide variety of different stones, carefully controlled and certified to be authentic by independent sources visiting our production sites regularly.


What kind of quality controls does implement for their wholesale jewelry supplies?

All our wholesale jewelry supplies are subjected to strict quality controls. Our precious metals are frequently exported to Switzerland where they will be closely examined and undergo strict metal quality controls. Our gemstones carry the GKS seal of approval which is gained by regularly having our products checked at random intervals by the EPI (Edelstein-Prüf-Institut; Institute of Gemstone Evaluation) with regards to authenticity, naming and potential treatment methods.

Who can purchase wholesale jewelry supplies in this online shop?

Our wholesale jewelry supplies are targeted towards professional craftsmen, small local supply stores and independent and professional jewelry stores who wish to offer handcrafted pieces of jewelry to their customers. Upon registration, we check if the user is acting in a commercial capacity.

Which brands are offered in this shop?

Steindesign is a brand registered in Germany since 1997 and has since extended its customer base allover Europe. The supporting pillars of the Steindesign brand are high-quality sterling silver findings and gemstone jewellery cut in their own workshops.

Steindesign is also a major represeantative of the well known brand Sky Sytems. Sky Systems - originally founded in Vienna - today stands for high quality strings and cords in gorgeous colours. Mainly the so called "parachute strings" of Sky Systems has become the brands most popular product. Parachute strings have found their way into almost every workshop carrying out beading and macramee works.


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