Rough stones for jewellery makers and decoration


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Stone design: Your trustworthy, versatile raw stone wholesaler

Discover our diverse range of rough stones, crystals and minerals. Won in distant countries, you can use them to awaken your customers' passion for collecting, use the rough stones independently in jewelry processing or otherwise process them. The rough stones in the wholesale shop are not subject to any minimum order or minimum purchase quantities. We would like to enable “smaller” retailers to also make affordable purchases on fair terms.

Rough stones in wholesale - from classics to exotic ones

The world of rough stones is large, colorful and characteristically afflicted with numerous large and small differences. Our now more than 25 years of experience are also reflected independently in our rough stones wholesale range. For example, we carry classics such as amethysts, rock crystals, rose quartz, calcite or agate slices, and you will also find spectacular azurite and barite specimens here - just to give you a small preview of our range. The rough stones in wholesale come from these countries, among others:

Incidentally, this also applies to other items in our range, for example gemstone and silver jewelry or pure silver jewelry. Please note that the countries mentioned are mainly active in supply and processing. The rough stones themselves could theoretically come from any country in the world.

Exciting gifts from nature: the rough stones wholesalers from Steindesign

Quality is important to us and uncompromising. For this reason, we know all gemstone producers and suppliers personally. We know that these are not "backyard producers", but serious companies that share our quality standards as well as our requirements for occupational safety. Our partner companies and suppliers of precious stones have their stones and minerals sent by raw material suppliers from all over the world, inspect them and then give them out either as rough stones or in the form of further processed jewelry. Of course, we also keep an eye on quality. Steindesign is headed by a trained gemologist and a trained geographer.

Buy wholesale in rough stones, resell to your own customers

Are your customers enthusiastic about esotericism? But sometimes your target group also consists of committed hobbyists and other creative people? Perhaps you would like to further process the rough stones from wholesalers yourself and sell the finished product to your customers and interested parties? Steindesign supplies both small and medium-sized as well as large companies, whereby we have committed ourselves to a consistent waiver of minimum purchase quantities. If you buy rough stones wholesalers, this fact is of particular importance. You remain flexible in the selection of stones and in return you can offer your customers a greater variety - and that is what such rough stones are known to have. Once every six months, we also offer our online buyers an attractive discount of 10%.

Discover rough stones in wholesale, browse and order online now!

We personally vouch for the quality of the rough stones in wholesale. We have integrated a number of mechanisms that underpin the first-class nature, including these:

The gemstone testing institute EPI checks our gemstone range once a year and attests to this as an independent third party.
Stone designs range has been awarded the GKS seal of approval for many years, which is given to gemologically controlled stones.
We use our own academic expertise and decades of experience to inspect and certify the quality of precious and rough stones in wholesale.
As a result, you can be just as sure of a 100% secure purchase as of the fact that you can offer your own customers the best possible quality of raw stones, gemstones, minerals and co. Discover our range online now! For some time now, we have been offering you a practical 3D view in the browser, with which you get an even better and more extensive view of the high-quality, beautiful stones. This will help you with the selection and the compilation of the range. Offer your customers the greatest possible variety with brilliant quality: thanks to the rough stones in wholesalers from Steindesign!

Frequently asked Questions

What discounts does stone design offer for rough stones in wholesale?

The stone design online discount is a real highlight! Twice a year, once every six months, you will receive a discount of 10% on an order of your choice. You can decide for yourself which order it is to be applied to; it can only be used once per calendar half year.

What other promotions are there in rough stones wholesale apart from the online discount?

In addition to the discount, we would like to point out that parts of our range are consumables from jewelry production. This enables us to set attractive graduated prices for individual products in the range, which take effect as soon as you order three packaging units instead of one unit.

What else is there in rough stones wholesale?

We produce fine pieces of jewelry in our own workshop, including bracelets, earrings and necklaces. You will also find silver and precious stone jewelry as well as various minerals here. In addition, you can order DIY accessories online if you consider your target group to be committed hobbyists.

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